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4 Things You Missed in Nike’s Ethereum-based Patent

4 Things You Missed in Nike’s Ethereum-based Patent

Nike recently filed a patent for a system which would tokenize its shoes on the Ethereum blockchain. Many publications reported on the basics of Nike’s “CryptoKicks” concept like being able to breed your NFT sneakers. However, most missed the finer details buried in the patent filing. It’s important to keep in mind that a patent isn’t necessarily an accurate reflection of the final product. And so, Nike almost certainly included details to cover all their bases going forward. Now, let’s dive into details.

Creation of “CollaboKicks” NFTs and Sale of Physical Shoes

The option to execute a Collab event may require one or both owners comply with one or more prerequisite conditions. As one example, the two owners of the parent CryptoKicks may be required to meet at a designated location or be within a predetermined proximity of one another to create a CollaboKick

As covered in many stories, CryptoKicks can be bred together to form CollaboKicks. Participating in a “Collab” combines attributes to form an offspring known as a “CollaboKick.” These Collab events could be used to promote physical store sales, limited time events, and maybe even Nike’s own fitness devices.

In some embodiments, CryptoKicks users may decide on a “best CollaboKick” in the marketplace, e.g., on a W/M/Q/Y basis. Such a voting scheme may be used to designate one or more CollaboKicks as suitable for the commercial production of physical product bearing that digital asset’s likeness. As a further option, a CollaboKick that may receive a preset threshold number of upvotes may automatically trigger the manufacturer to produce the CollaboKick in real life.

Similar to token-curated registries, this system would put sneakerheads to work creating new shoe designs via CollaboKicks and then voting on which designs are popular enough to sell in physical form. And, the kicker is that by producing only the most popular shoes as signaled by users, Nike practically has built-in sales for that line of sneakers.

Bring your CryptoKicks into Video Games

In some implementations, a user’s CryptoKick may be capable of being imported into one or more other digital platforms to serve, for example, as a skin on a video game character that may be developed and/or controlled by the user. For example, if the user was active in a certain basketball video game, the CryptoKick could be imported to that game and worn by the user’s player or team.

CryptoKick users will be able to take their NFT shoes, clothes, and hats into their favorite sports video games.

If the CryptoKick is imported into a separate video game, in some configurations, different attributes of the CryptoKick may impart changes in the ability level of a user’s character outfitted with the asset. In one example, the attributes of the user’s character may be positively influenced by the rarity or exclusivity of the various attributes or by the overall combined rarity or exclusivity. For example, a rare CryptoKick may impart better jumping ability or lateral quickness, a rare CryptoThread may impart better strength or speed, and a rare CryptoLid may impart better vision.

The attributes of your CryptoKick NFT can act like a power-up affecting your gameplay beyond just mere aesthetics. This function could be driver for users to collab or even a way to promote physical shoe sales.

Hunt CryptoKicks in Physical Locations

Another example may require the user to “hunt” for CryptoKicks in a brick-and-mortar store by using a photographic “snap” or augmented reality (“AR”) function on a handheld personal computing device. For this method, a KickID may be provided via the retail transaction, however, the user must separately find a hidden CryptoKick in AR hidden within the store or local area before the digital asset can be transferred to their locker (i.e., the cryptographic key and the virtual object must both be separately acquired before the transfer occurs).

TLDR: You might have to capture your CryptoKicks Pokemon Go style by wandering around your local shoe store.

Raise CryptoKicks to Maturity

For at least some implementations, a CryptoKick may be programmed to function as a “living” digital pet that the user feeds, cleans, entertains and otherwise cares for to ensure the pet is happy and healthy. Optionally, an owner can either care for the CryptoKick pet by him/herself or have a third-party user care for the CryptoKick pet. As the CryptoKick pet evolves–growing from a baby digital pet to a toddler, then preschooler, and so forth to adulthood–one or more attributes of the CryptoKick automatically change with age or are unlocked over time.

Not only can you breed your CryptoKicks, but you might even have to keep them alive like a Tamagotchi. And if you do a good job, your “pet” acquire new traits.

Furthermore, as the CryptoKick pet “grows” through various life stages, it may unlock a real-life shoe version of itself that a user can have made. For example, if a CryptoKick pet has evolved into a royal blue athletic shoe for a toddler, the user has unlocked the option to buy a special royal blue athletic shoe in one or more toddler sizes.

Parenting a CryptoKick comes with the possible perk of being able to purchase a physical version of your pet. CryptoKick users with big feet might have to be patient though because you might raise your pet to maturity in order to get the shoe in your size.

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